About Us

Catharsis Restaurant and Lounge

The definition of Catharsis is an experience of emotional release and purification, often inspired by art and beauty.

There is a warm glow radiating from the heart of Calle Ocho, and its origin is the enchanting home of Catharsis Restaurant and Lounge. A cavernous candlelit retreat, Catharsis lives up to its name, and the juxtaposition against the locale stimulates the senses immediately upon arrival, as all tension vanishes away. Arched white washed walls are adorned with warm, glowing wall sconces and soft dropped lights, while white tablecloths are sparkled with wild orchids. The room seems to hug you as you sip a refreshing glass of Albarino and take your first bite of what might be the best ceviche you’ve ever tasted. The four hour beef lamb ossobuco is an example of our dedication to excellence in cuisine.

Other offerings include three-hour short ribs cooked in red wine and served with creamy polenta and homemade pear and gorgonzola ravioli topped with creamy pesto. Some places possess the power to transform you, and this sparkle on the Southwest 8th has the secret recipe.